St. Mary Catholic Church---Mass Schedule


NOTE:  Last minute changes to Mass times due to special events, or necessary cancellations, may not be reflected here. Please see the inside of the most recent bulletin to confirm this week's Mass times.

Rosary 30 minutes prior to each Mass

Daily Mass  

There will be no daily Mass this week on Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 nor Thursday, June 24, 2021

Monday:        No Mass

Tuesday:        9:00 a.m.

Wednesday:  6:00 p.m.

Thursday:      9:00 a.m.

Friday:            9:00 a.m. (followed by Eucharistic Adoration)


Weekend Masses

Saturday:      6:00 p.m.  (Sat. Masses will be outdoors, weather permitting, 

 beginning June 4  through Sept. 4. Bring a lawn chair, if able)


Sunday:         9:00 a.m.

Please note for Sunday, July 4, 2021, Mass will be held outside at the Shrine.  

Please note for Sunday, August 15, 2021, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mass will be held at 11:00 am instead of 9:00 am and will be outside at the Shrine.  Lunch to follow. 

Interior of St. Mary Catholic Church from back of church facing the altar.